The Company

Since 1991
“Everything fades, except for our shine.”

We can attest to this – as we have been for two generations – in crafting top-of-the-line jewelry. Similar to the royals we served then, prized customers of today can expect quality material, expert craftsmanship, bold design and zero compromises. This is the vision that our CEO, Mr. Daniel Dang, upholds, keeping alive the valuable work ethic that his predecessors prioritized.

Mr. Dang

Since young, Mr. Dang has always wanted to continue the family business and name. He aspired to fashion the latter into an internationally recognized dynasty in the jewelry word – à la Cartier, Harry Winston or Romanov. So he started watching, learning the processes of making fine ornaments, and then advanced to become a bench jeweler. Using the experience he amassed, Mr. Dang opened Richmond Jewelry Production on April 14, 1991.

The Future

Up and beyond is the only way that Mr. Dang sees Richmond Jewelry Production will go. He is currently working on a dedicated line with designs combining precious stones, gold, platinum and meteorite. Also in the works are plans to bring the brand to other states and, ultimately, worldwide.
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