Don’t sweat yourself searching for that appraiser a city away, mining a new gemstone or flying to where your watch manufacturer is. At Daniel & Co., we have resources on-site to thoroughly examine your purchases or return them to their pristine condition. Stick around in our showroom while we take a look at what you have brought in.
Have our GIA graduate gemologist evaluate your treasured family heirlooms for a certified appraisal to give your insurance company. Up to date appraisals are one of the most overlooked maintenance on jewelry. We recommend a new appraisal every 10 to 15 years depending on the piece.
Jewelry Repair
No query is too big or small for our master jeweler. “Old in, new out,” as the saying goes, and it is something that the master jeweler always takes to heart – no matter if it’s a chain repair, resize, polish or restoration of antiquities.
Watch Repair
Even the time-teller is affected by time. Keep your watches running by turning them over to our talented watchmaker, who will make sure every gear, hand and surface is absolutely tip-top to continue to tick-tock.
Jewelry Custom Design
We can make your dreams come to life. Our in-store designers can help you design a piece, or simply bring in a picture and we bring it to life. First, we pick the design. Second, we have a CAD (Computer Aided Design) made by our master designer so you can see what the finished piece will look like. Third, we 3Dprint a wax model. Forth, we cast the wax with gold or platinum. Fifth, we hand polish the ring and cut channels in prongs to set the diamonds. Sixth, we set all the side diamond and gemstones. Seventh, our Master stone setter handsets the center stone. Eighth, the master polisher finishes the ring by hand polishing under magnifying glasses to perfect the shine.
We can clean, polish and restore your jewelry to look like new! Our professional jewelers will make your jewelry sparkle right before your eyes
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