Our Services

Don’t sweat yourself searching for that appraiser a city away, mining a new gemstone or flying to where your watch manufacturer is. At Dixon Jewelers, we have resources on-site to thoroughly examine your purchases or return them to their pristine condition. Stick around in our showroom while we take a look at what you have brought in.


Engraving is a way to personalize your fine jewelry. It’s the extra touches that make your piece even more special. We can personalize almost any piece to make it one of a kind.

Watch Repair

We can service almost any timepiece from changing batteries to COA “Clean, oil, and adjust the movement” and replace any worn out parts. We also polish watches to make them look new again.

Custom Jewelry

We specialize in custom, one of a kind pieces. We can help you design a piece from scratch or take a picture you have found and bring them to life. We reset family gemstones and diamonds into new jewelry to update the look. All custom pieces start with an idea, and from there we create a 3D CAD “computer added design”. This allows you to see the piece and make any changes before we even cast the gold.


We’re here to help educate and inform you about your most treasured jewels to assess their current value. Our Gemologists will evaluate just about any type of jewelry or Swiss timepiece. You should have your Jewelry and Swiss timepieces re-appraised every 10 years to make sure you are properly insured for the current value of replacement if the worst should happen.

Stone Replacement

One of the worst feelings is to find a missing diamond or gemstone in a piece of jewelry. No need to worry at Daniel & Co. we pride ourselves on service. We have an onsite jeweler that you can watch repair your treasured piece of jewelry. Our 2nd generation jeweler has over 15 years of experience making jewelry from scratch.

Ring Sizing

The quality of the fit of your ring is critical. If a ring is too loose it will spin on your finger and incur more damage through daily wear. If a ring is too tight it can become uncomfortable and could lead to other serious complications. Daniel & Co. uses the most advanced Laser technology for ring sizing to custom fit your ring. Laser technology provides a better finish and helps protect precious gemstones from damage that are sensitive to...

Jewelry Maintenance

Jewelry must be maintained just like any other investment you might own.  Having the prongs securing your gemstones checked twice a year is critical in making sure your diamonds and gemstones are safe and secure due to prongs wearing down over time with normal wear. Your daily activity will dictate how often you will need to have your prongs re-tipped and ring either polished or rhodium dip. We use advanced lasers when re-tipping prongs to...

Jewelry Cleaning & Polishing

Jewelry should sparkle and look new all the time. The best way to do that is have it professionally cleaned. The average piece should be cleaned at least once a month, and depending on wear and precious metal. polished and rhodium plated if white gold at least once a year. Jewelry is an expression of love and that love should shine.

Chain Soldering & Bracelet Repair

It’s very important to have a quality repair of chains and bracelets, that is why we use the most advanced laser technology to make any repair as invisible and strong as possible. With any chain and bracelet repair a complementary clean and polish is included to make your jewelry look new.